Toddler Makes a Wish for Marijuana Research

By Chloe Sommers,

The Higuera family knows all too well the horrible situation so many patients face – that moment when there are no other options to treat what ails you, and you’re forced to seek alternative options.

It happened to baby Sadie, but with the help and support of her unrelenting parents – she recently attended her first day at preschool.

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Sadie was born with Schinzel-Giedion syndrome, a rare genetic disease that causes severe developmental delay, organ and bone abnormalities, and seizures. The prognosis was a very short life for the baby girl, and the medications administered by the doctors and hospitals weren’t working. Her parents were given the legal option of ending her life.

Instead, the Higuera family chose life, they chose to try cannabis oil.

The RSHO, not to be confused with Rick Simpson oil, is Real Scientific Hemp Oil with very low quantities of THC. The non-psychoactive medicine worked on baby Sadie almost immediately.

She went from having up to 300 seizures per day, to only a very few.

Marijuana ResearchSadie is three years old now and attends a special needs preschool. Brian acknowledged that; “All the people rooting for Sadie and helping us along the way; RSHO™, and HempMeds® have been a huge part in getting her here today.”

The family’s battle has inspired them to reach out to the Make a Wish foundation.

Their request is to meet President-elect Trump to ask to take cannabis off the list of Schedule I drugs. It’s what they believe Sadie would want; to give back by asking the president-elect to allow the plant to be researched.

“It is our wish to meet him to demonstrate Sadie’s fighting spirit and make this a movement of awareness; understanding and legitimizing CBDs as an organic, healthy treatment; one which has helped so many people beat the odds and live a life they could not have had otherwise.”

“Our daughter Sadie is an American champion Donald Trump would be proud of,” Sadie’s parents said.

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