Second Arizona House Committee Passes Bill to Legalize Hemp, Already Passed Senate

An Arizona bill to legalize hemp has been passed by its second House committee.

Senate Bill 1337 passed the House Appropriations Committee Wednesday with a 12 to 1 vote, roughly two weeks after it passed the House Land, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee. Earlier this month the measure passed the full Senate 26 to 4.

The legislation would authorize industrial hemp production, processing, manufacturing, distribution and commerce, and designates industrial hemp “as an agricultural product that is subject to regulation by the Department [of Agriculture]”. It would prohibit the state from “restricting a person from growing industrial hemp based on the legal status of industrial hemp under federal law.”

Senate Bill 1337 now moves to the House Rules Committee, where it can be scheduled for a vote in the full House of Representatives. If the House approves the measure, it will be sent to Governor Doug Ducey for consideration.

Click here for the full text of Senate Bill 1337.

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