President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions Have Been Fighting Over Approach to Marijuana Laws

President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have had “multiple fights” over how the government should approach the situation of multiple states having legalized marijuana despite it being federally illegal, according to a former White House employee.

President Trump and AG Sessions disagree with each other on what the government should do regarding state laws that make marijuana legal, a former White House employee tells us (although the individual would like to remain anonymous, we were able to verify that they did in fact work with the White House during a period last year). Trump wants the government to respect state marijuana laws and take a hands-off approach. Sessions, however, wants the government to move forward with a full-blown crackdown of state-level marijuana legalization. Allegedly, Trump’s opposition is the only thing that’s kept Sessions from doing so.

“Sessions and Trump have been heard arguing in the halls on several occasions, with Sessions enraged that Trump wants to “ignore federal law” when it comes to marijuana”, our source tells us. “Trump thinks it’s bad politics. He wants to the feds to look the other way”. Apparently Sessions rescinding the Obama-era Cole Memo, without a federal crackdown, is the best compromise the two have been able to reach.

If true, this revelation doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Sessions is well-known for his strong opposition to marijuana, and Trump stated during the campaign that he would respect state marijuana laws if elected. Still, such strong discord on marijuana laws is uncommon between a president and his attorney general, and the back-and-forth will likely further the uncertainty felt by those in the marijuana industry.

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