New Jersey Panel Recommends Adding 43 New Medical Marijuana Conditions

The New Jersey Medicinal Marijuana Review Panel has recommended the state drastically expand their medical marijuana program by adding 43 new conditions that qualify someone to use the medicine.

After months of studying petitions from patients and physicians, and after holding two public hearing, the Medicinal Marijuana Review Panel has recommended adding 43 new medical marijuana conditions, including migraines, anxiety, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease, opiate-use disorder, autism and Tourette syndrome. The recommendations, which now must go through several steps to actually become law, would greatly expand one of the nation’s most restrict medical marijuana programs.

The recommendations from the panel will be sent to Health Commissioner Cathleen D. Bennett, who has final say on whether or not the 43 conditions are actually added to the state’s medical marijuana program. There will now be a 60-day public comment period accumulating in a public hearing before Bennett can make her decision.

In New Jersey their are roughly 13,000 registered medical marijuana patients, and five operating medical marijuana dispensaries.

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