Michigan State Police Address Ongoing Medical Marijuana Dispensary Raids – 9&10 News

Michigan State Police took time Thursday to address the recent medical marijuana dispensary raids in Otsego County.

In the past year, they’ve searched several dispensaries and made several arrests.

Michigan State Police addressed what they call the ongoing illegal operations at dispensaries in Gaylord.

They say the law is simple:

Each caregiver can have five patients as well as themselves.

They can have 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana and 12 plants per patient.

Edibles, waxes and oils are not legal

Police say they will initiate searches and make arrests if the law continues to be broken.

“We enforce the laws as they are written today and current. We don’t enforce them on speculation,” Michigan State Police Lt. Derrick Carroll said. “If anyone has an issue with any law in the state of Michigan, they need to contact their representative and put forth a motion to change the law.”

State police encourage caregivers, patients or concerned community members to contact them if they have any questions about the law.

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