Medical Marijuana Requirements

A small number of states in the United States have made marijuana legal according certain medical marijuana requirements. The Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification Center is available to assist qualified patients going through the process in order to comply with medical marijuana requirements.

The state of Michigan has made strict medical marijuana requirements in order to restrict purchase and use to patients that would benefit from the alternative treatment. Medical marijuana requirements begin with a patient that has a qualifying condition. This patient needs a licensed physician that can verify the condition and the benefits of marijuana for treatment.  

The list of qualifying conditions that are considered legal may be different in each state. Medical marijuana requirements are valid at the state level only, because there are no federal medical marijuana requirements. The certification is state-issued.

Licensed physicians are well-informed of the Michigan medical marijuana requirements. After review of medical records the physician determines if the patient’s condition qualifies for possession of a valid medical marijuana certification card. The certification card is just one of several medical marijuana requirements.

Other medical marijuana requirements in Michigan: the patient must show proof of residency, a signed and dated Medical Marijuana Application Form, and a $100 Application Fee. When the patient has completed all medical marijuana requirements, the Identification Card allows them to legally purchase, or grow marijuana for medicinal purposes.