Marijuana License

A marijuana license shows proof that a patient has registered and been approved for medical marijuana treatment. Marijuana is still illegal according to federal law, so conditions and registration is determined by the individual state that has legalized marijuana for medical treatment.

Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification Center can provide documentation necessary for a patient or caregiver to get a medical marijuana license, which may also be called an identification card. The marijuana license allows the patient in that state to legally possess and consume marijuana. The Michigan Medical Marijuana clinic has established a process for the patient to obtain proper documentation of their condition and get a recommendation for a state issued marijuana license..

After review of a patient’s medical records the staff doctor may approve a marijuana license for the patient. Obtaining a marijuana license may require a fee for the patient. The fee for a marijuana license and the legal limit a patient or caregiver may possess for the treatment is determined by state regulations.

Some states use a dispensary system for growing and selling the medical treatment in a controlled environment. In the states where a dispensary is used, patients and caregivers may not be allowed to grow or sell medical marijuana. Those states require that the dispensary have proof of a marijuana license that allows them to produce and sell specific amounts of marijuana for medical use.

Requiring a marijuana license for patients and dispensaries is one method the state ensures to control marijuana use. Anyone in possession of the drug without a marijuana license will be prosecuted. The marijuana license is key to keeping marijuana for recreational use separate from treatment for certain medical conditions.