Governor Chris Christie Calls Marijuana Tax Revenue ‘Blood Money’

By Monterey Bud, Marijuana.comblood money

Like some mythically drug-induced flashback, Gov. Chris Christie is apparently still mired in his trippy alternative reality. During his Monday night radio show – where he’s allowed to write his fictional narrative – Christie professed to be “damn” proud to be the last man standing in defense of the Garden State, according to

“To me, legalization of marijuana for tax purposes – and that is the only way people justify it – is blood money.”

Ignoring the reduced crime rates associated with legalization, as well as lives saved, Gov. Christie justified his ill-conceived position to a caller by invoking the ‘Gateway’ argument:

“I have watched too many kids start their addiction to alcohol and marijuana and then move on to much more serious drugs. Every study shows marijuana is a gateway drug. And every study shows it causes damage.”

Dead wrong, and purportedly protecting his constituents from the evil stain of recreational marijuana revenue, Gov. Christie has simultaneously been entrenched in a heated battle to supersede the federal government and bring legal sports gambling to the Garden State.

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