E-mail Leak Reveals Clinton’s Marijuana Debate Prep, in Support of Marijuana Banking

A new Wikileaks e-mail leak shows how presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was prepared to respond to certain marijuana-related questions in the most recent debatedeb, including her position on whether banks should be allowed to do business with marijuana companies. The e-mails were part of a hack of John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chair.

One of the e-mails states:

“If pressed: what about marijuana banking restrictions – should we let marijuana businesses access banking services?

• I do think these businesses – if they are operating in according with state law, and with federal guidelines – should be able to access banking services. I know that the Obama Administration has taken steps in this direction, and I think those steps are smart.

• Not having access to banking services can force legal and licensed businesses to deal in cash, making their stores a target for theft. Cash-only operations also are more difficult to audit. I will continue to evaluate the steps the Administration had taken, to determine if we should go further.”

“While YOU should avoid saying marijuana accounts for a signification portion of the U.S. correctional population, or a significant portion of those behind bars for drug offenses,” states one of the e-mails, “it IS correct that there are hundreds of thousands of arrests for marijuana crimes, and that there are thousands of people serving (some) time for marijuana crimes – many of whom would likely be better off in their communities.”

Unfortunately there were no cannabis-related questions asked at the debate. There’s still hope, however, as there is one more presidential debate happening on Wednesday.

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