Alaska Officials Vote to Allow On-Site Consumption of Marijuana at Retail Outlets

The Alaska Marijuana Control Board’s has voted 3 to 2 to establish rules allowing marijuana to be consumed on-site at licensed retail outlets.

The approved proposal includes a specific set of rules and guidelines that would make Alaska the first state where on-site consumption of recreational marijuana is allowed at retail outlets. These include requiring ventilation, and limiting the amount of marijuana can be consumed. Approval of the rules will open up a 60-day public comment period.

At the meeting board member Brandon Emmett cited news stories about tourists coming to the state, purchasing marijuana and then having nowhere to legally consume it; this is because smoking in public remains illegal, and many hotels don’t allow it. He also brought up the Anchorage Assembly’s passage of a resolution that urges the board to allow consumption of cannabis in pot shops.

“I think it’s time this board adopt something realistic and give those individuals who have no place to consume marijuana some place to do it legally,” said Emmett.

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